Collard Greens and Slow Cooker Ham- The New Year’s Recipe


Happy New Year!! Bringing in the new year is quite the production in a lot of homes. In my home, it’s always been a time of  prayer, reflection annnnd… cooking! 😁 While there are several dishes you can enjoy for the new year-we always go for the Collard greens. I make it so yummy- you’ll forget your eating vegetables!

I LOVE this recipe because you are either dumping everything in the slow cooker or the pot, and after seasonings, all the work is done! It is so easy and if you’re lucky to have any leftovers, it tastes even better!

Collard Greens and Slow Cooker Ham- The New Year’s Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 4 hour Rest Time 5 min Total Time 4 hrs 15 mins Servings: 6



  1. Pre-heat your crock pot to 175º or set to Low. Line the crock pot with olive oil and fill it 1/4 of the way with chicken broth. Score the exterior of the Pre-cooked ham and put it in the crock pot.  Make a paste/rub for ham with dijon mustard, honey, ground cloves, and brown sugar. Baste the ham and let it slow cook for 2-3. The goal isn’t to cook the ham, obviously 😊, we just want to give it TONS of flavor before we mix it with the collard greens. Also, the great thing about this method is that the chicken broth will make the ham so tender and it will easily break into bits when you mix it with the greens later!

  2. Once ham is done, wash the fresh collard greens. If you bought them pre-cut, perfect. If not, gather the greens together as a bundle and slice the up so they can fit in a pot with ½ cup of chicken broth. Place greens in first and ham on top. Season with minced garlic, onion powder, Himalayan Salt, and Cayenne Pepper and Chicken bouillon. Let it cook on medium low for 1 hour. Serve very warm. Enjoy!

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